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The Property Party educates aspiring buyers about real estate. By involving buyers in various property scenarios, we help to foster knowledge and confidence that enables them to make key investment decisions.

Who We Are

The Property Party offers an unbiased perspective to learn about property investing across many markets, offering our users to get involved in literally thousands of property investing scenarios. They are able to put their own situation into the game and discover which property investment options suit them. For developers and service providers, we offer unparalleled engagement in their products, which include detailed user statistics.

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Meet Our Team

Eli mcgeever

Co-Founder & CEO

Scott thomas

Co-Founder & COO

Alex Beaver

Product & Content Development

“I love this game! It’s really informative and the discussion it generates is really useful. Thanks a lot!”

Grace Turner


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“Playing this game has helped me to learn about simple property topics, like capital growth and rental return, as well as more complex dynamics of different property markets.”

David Fitzgibbon

Hong Kong

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